My Fair Lady

What the press said - Edinburgh - 8 December 2005

Five stars for My Fair Lady the Edinburgh Playhouse

Edinburgh Evening News – Friday 9 December

“Do little? Not this all-star cast in a top-notch musical.”


“This shimmering, glowing inventive musical… You could have watched all night”

“Trevor Nunn… Matthew Bourne… Anthony Ward… boy does that pedigree count in it’s sheer inventiveness and attention to detail.”

“Attention to detail is the hallmark of the production.”

“My Fair Lady has more than it’s fair share of show-stopping tunes.”

“Brilliant piece of ballet… quite stunning design.”

“A stunning and memorable piece of high quality entertainment.”

Scottish Mail on Sunday - Sunday 11 December

“Luvverly Lady… you can’t say Fairer than that”

“Great tunes, great lyrics and a great story.”

“I could have danced all night…”

“Ingenious… a brilliant demonstration of a theatrical art at it’s best.”

“Matthew Bourne… surely among the very best of his work.”

“Quite simply a masterpiece of musical theatre…a production that is entirely worthy of it.”

“It looks and sounds splendid… a heart warming feeling of luxury.”

“Russ Abbott… an absolute treat.”

“Abso-bloomin’-lutely luvverly!.”

The Herald – Monday 12 December

“Quite ridiculously moving.”

“Wonderfully slick.”


“Amy Nuttall… perfectly cast…she lights up the stage whenever she appears.”

The Scotsman – Wednesday 14 December

‘”Wouldn’t it be luvverley if every play was this good?”


“Rigorous and richly rewarding emphasis on quality in every detail.”


“Simply fabulous.”

The List – 14 December 2005

“Nuttall is absolutely tremendous in the role of Eliza.”

“Wonderfully smart and moving rendering of one of the truly great musicals.”

Kingdom FM – 9 December 2005

“Fantastic show.”

Real Radio – 9 December 2005

“Absolutely fantastic.” - 9 December 2005

“Seamless, brilliantly changing scenes and sets.”