My Fair Lady

What the press said - Manchester - 5 October 2005

My Fair Lady opened it's UK tour to rave reviews at the Palace Theatre, Manchester

Manchester Evening News

“Superb show just fizzes with fun!”

“Maintains a virtually untouchable position as the most dazzlingly seductive and downright smart of the class musicals.”

“So terrifically slick and irresistibly enjoyable that I defy even the most devout of despiser of musicals to keep a delighted grin off their face as it plays out.”

“This superb show fairly fizzes with life and fun. In fact it’s hard to find fault with the production at all.”

“The performances are all splendid.”

“Matthew Bourne’s choreography is glamorous.”

“All in all a wonderful, thoroughly exhilarating production that is heartily recommended.”

Key 103 FM

“The show was fantastic!”

“A perfect Eliza.”

“A fabulous night.”

Oldham Evening Chronicle

“A 21st century Dream ticket.”

“This Fair Lady is a real sparkler.”

“The best spent money on a pre-Christmas theatrical treat.”

“Brilliant in every department.”

“Dazzling costumes.”

“Millions have been lavished on a wonderfully complex set.”

The Wigan Observer

“Cameron Mackintosh’s glittering My Fair Lady.”

“It deserves to sell every seat in its tour of the UK.”

“A treasure trove of theatrical talent makes for pure joy.”

“This is a musical with a dazzlingly extravagant smile on its face and swings between the raucous and the refined with consummate skill.”

“Beautifully set, magnificently costumed.”

“My Fair Lady is ‘loverly’.”

“I could have danced the whole way home.”

“This is a big big musical.”

Bolton Evening News

“The production brought a new warmth, crispness and sheer pizzazz to Shaw’s play Pygmalion out to the music of Lerner & Loewe.”

What’s On Stage

Five stars

“This excellent musical ticks all the right boxes.”

“So much pizzazz and class that you will be left with a loverly smile on your face from exhilarating start to heart-warming finish.”

“The audience clapped till their hands hurt”

“Like it’s leading lady, MY FAIR LADY is truly magical.”

The Bury Times

“The Cameron Mackintosh production of My Fair Lady is as sumptuous and fun as any that have gone.”

“A fantastic show…whatever you do try to catch it.”