My Fair Lady

Playing the man in My Fair Lady - BostonNOW - (Boston, MA) - 30 January 2008

Cazenove finds humor in Higgins

Ellen Mary Carr, BostonNOW Correspondent

Actor Christopher Cazenove has an impressive list of stage, television and movie roles on his resume. His current role is as Professor Henry Higgins in the legendary Lerner and Lowe musical My Fair Lady. It has been described as the greatest musical of all time, and the role of Henry Higgins is one of theatre's most memorable. Cazenove is thrilled to have been cast in it saying, "Very few parts have I lusted after, but this is one of them."

Cazenove, who is known to American audiences for his role on Dynasty as Blake Carrington's vengeful brother Ben, auditioned for the part of Henry Higgins with a broken leg. He was cast in the UK production in the 2005-2006 season. When Britain's National Theatre launched a US tour, Cazenove was offered the opportunity to reprise his role and was thrilled for the opportunity.

Though he admits that life on the road can be taxing, particularly during stretches when the company moves every week, he enjoys the opportunity to travel and see new places. The production is crisscrossing the US and Cazenove is looking forward to the opportunity to see America. "It is fascinating to see cities I have never been to. It's wonderful." He finds time to sightsee on weekdays when there is only an evening performance and confesses to heading for art museums as he explores new cities.

The US production includes the original UK artistic team: director Trevor Nunn, choreographer Matthew Bourne and production designer Anthony Ward.

Cazenove and Lisa O'Hare are from the original UK cast. The rest of the roles were cast in the US. Cazenove describes Lisa O'Hare as "dynamic" and is full of praise for the American actors right down to their marvelous and authentic English accents.

Of Henry Higgins, Cazenove says, "He is a dreadful man; a misogynistic bully but he is humorful and I hope that despite his dreadful behavior the audience will get to love him by the end of the show. By the end, Eliza brings out his feminine side. He changes deeply; he has not been able to access his emotions and by the end he does."

My Fair Lady is at the Opera House February 5 -17. Tickets are $27.50-83.50.