My Fair Lady

...from the Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) - 25 January 2008

Excerpts from the Chicago Tribune review by Chris Jones...

"...This is the full monty—an old-fashioned tour with big sets, slick transitions, a large company, an ample orchestra, gorgeous costumes and a long running time. There’s even a cameo as Mrs. Higgins by Marni Nixon, who sang all Eliza’s songs in the 1964 movie version even though Audrey Hepburn’s lips were moving.

"Despite a few minor reductions in physical scope, most of Nunn’s and choreographer Matthew Bourne’s inspired work is deftly re-created these few years down the road, including the show-stopping staging of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning,” which takes an ever-drunker Alfred P. Doolittle all over London to pubs, theaters and streets. Here, the fabulous Broadway veteran Tim Jerome deservedly brings the house down.

"...The British actress Lisa O’Hare, who plays Eliza, is delightful. Nunn’s original conceit was to free the cockney gal from her cute and mostly compliant Hollywood history and turn her into a feistier proto-feminist who figures out Shaw’s central point in “Pygmalion”: The only difference between a flower seller and a lady is that one gets treated more nicely than other. O’Hare doesn’t have a huge voice, but she’s a lovely actress, a superb dancer and a very charming presence.

"...On Tuesday night, it seemed many in the audience were introducing this justly beloved show—with one of the greatest scores in history—to a younger generation. If you care to do the same, this show won’t let you down.