My Fair Lady

What the Press Is Saying - United States Tour - 28 January 2008


"DELIGHTFULLY LAVISH... Show-stopping staging... Big sets... Gorgeous costumes... One of the greatest scores in history... THIS SHOW WON'T LET YOU DOWN!"
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"More exuberant than ever... Stunning choreography... Nothing has been spared in this production... The melodies reverberate in one's head long after the curtain comes down... UNFORGETTABLE!"
- Betty Mohr, Daily Southtown

"The perfect revival of a perfect musical!"
-Dan Zeff, Illinois Wire

3 ½ out of 4 stars. "Director Trevor Nunn’s revival is a “loverly” reminder of how sublime melody and indelible characters can transport you to a realm of romantic fancy."
-Washington Times

Pulse-quickening production numbers. Rarely has “Ascot Gavotte..." been staged as successfully.
-Washington Post

"Approaches perfection the way few others do. Musical-theater heaven is made of such as this."
-Orlando Sentinel

"Dazzling visuals and the intriguing reconception make this production a "must-see.""
-Raleigh News-Observer

"Irresistible! A total victory. Every inch of the production is superbly designed and "The Lady" leaps, stomps and thrills. My suggestion is simple: See it."
-Greenville News

"Without a doubt one of the year’s best musicals regardless of vintage. The cast is splendid, from impressive feature performances down through the smart execution of the chorus."
-South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Loverly! The cast is first-rate, the sets and costumes rich, the choreography bold and the direction artful."
-Palm Beach Daily News

“’My Fair Lady’ entrances audiences with terrific performances and breathtaking production values. The entire cast is simply superlative. A stellar piece of work!”
-The Tennessean

“Let’s rave! Gorgeous, dandy, pure bliss. Gloriously romantic and timeless! A delightful way to become reacquainted with old friends we only thought we knew.”
-Cincinnati Enquirer

“Richly appointed, delightful and entertaining. A standing ovation for this most fair and great lady!”
-Cincinnati Post

“Elegant! Gloriously detailed sets. Stunningly beautiful costumes.”
-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Magnificent! A joyous romp! ‘My Fair Lady’ scales the heights!”
“It’s Cinderella for grown-ups!”
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It’s hard to limit the adjectives to describe the show’s quality, but if any show deserves a spot on Broadway, it’s this one!”
-Tampa Tribune

“If co-workers and friends are belting out songs from ‘My Fair Lady’ forgive them. They’ve just seen this superb Cameron Mackintosh production.”
-Tampa Tribune

“Matthew Bourne’s choreography raises the bar for future musicals. His work is perfect!”
-Tampa Tribune

“The perfect musical! One wonderful song after another. It’s hard to imagine anything better these days.”
-St. Petersburg Times

“Director Trevor Nunn fills the stage with theatrical magic and stagecraft! Thoughtful, intelligent and poignant.”