My Fair Lady


Frederick Loewe was born in Vienne in 1901. A child piano prodigy at age 4, he made his concert debut with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra at age 13.

Coming to America in 1930, Loewe wandered about in such odd jobs as cowpunching in Montana, gold prospecting in Colorado and saloon hall piano playing everywhere. In 1942, on the brink of establishing himself as a composer of popular songs, Loewe approached Alan Jay Lerner at a club in New York and said he would like to collaborate with him on a musical show.

The two went on to enjoy a notable partnership that lasted 18 years, resulting in the musicals Brigadoon, Paint Your Wagon, My Fair Lady and Camelot. In 1961 Loewe retired to the French Riviera until 10 years later, when Lerner persuaded him to write the score for a musical film based on The Little Prince, followed by creating new music for Lerner's expanded book and lyrics for the 1973 Broadway version of Gigi.

Frederick Loewe died February 14, 1988, at the age of 88 in Palm Springs, California.